The Ethical & Cruelty-Free Grooming Brand To Buy Now

We have set ourselves a mission - to provide your pets with the purest AND most effective cosmetics you can find. These have to be naturally derived and ethical. We're Super Conscious about where our ingredients come from. We always use ethically sourced ingredients. And we always ensure our ingredients are sustainably sourced and organic where possible.

What’s inside is just as impressive. The collection of cosmetics is fragranced with sophisticated scents , and the all-natural formulas are a joy to use. 

At Special One we understand that what goes on your dog's skin goes into skin. This is why all Special One cosmetics are handmade using naturally derived and organic ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective.

As a living organ your pet's skin responds to authentic and natural ingredients in the same way the rest of its body does. 

In an ever changing world there are many new developments in the cosmetics industry. We keep our eyes, ears and minds open in order to constantly improve our product range. This stance is an on going commitment to all our customers.

Special One cosmetics are excellent for sensitive skin & allergy sufferers. Our prouducts are gentle to skin because we only use safe and natural ingredients. They are free from the skin irritating chemicals and harsh alcohols found in many mainstream pets products.  

Special One is a pioneering company with a revolutionary range of ethical cosmetics that you will love!

Here Special One we use naturally derived ingredients and we also blend an incredible array of organic superfoods into our healthy conscious creations!

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and we think it's easier to be nice than not!

As brand creators we want our products & our business to inspire every person who uses Special One, and we want to show you that SO is the way forward!

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