Whether it is an adult or a baby freshly separated from its mother, certain rules must be observed from the start. The dog is part of our everyday life. It brings an...

Whether it is an adult or a baby freshly separated from its mother, certain rules must be observed from the start. The dog is part of our everyday life. It brings an undeniable plus. But it can also be a real source of problems. This is why adopting a dog is not an act to be taken lightly. A good education avoids multiple inconveniences.

The basic rules to follow

First of all, upon arrival, you have to let him get to know his new house. He will discover the members of the family and the environment in which he will evolve from now on. In general, one or two days are necessary for this adaptation. He will quickly choose the places where he will feel best. However, he should not be allowed to do anything on the pretext that he is young or, if he is older, that he must take his bearings. Indeed, the dog can quickly tell the difference between what is allowed and what is not. For example, if we allow him to sit on the couch or in the bed at first, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to dislodge him when the little fur ball at the start has turned into a big dog of 60 kilos. It should not be believed that it goes differently with a small Yorkshire or a Dachshund. Despite their size, they can do considerable damage in the shortest possible time.

This is why it is important to show the dog who is the master in the house by forbidding him to climb on the beds and by assigning him his own toys. It is also necessary to choose the place where he will take his meals and prohibit him from coming to beg for food. Furthermore, he must eat after his masters as happens in a pack where the chef eats first, and have his place to lie down (a carpet or a niche), always located far from doors and windows, so that he does not seem to control the comings and goings in the house.

These few simple rules allow you to restore the dog as the pack animal it is. He must understand that he is the dominated and that you are the dominant. It is in the stability of the hierarchy of the pack that the dog will be able to find its balance.

This rule is valid for all dogs regardless of their size. She prevents a Dachshund from becoming the tyrant of the family, showing its teeth when approaching its sofa or biting the calves of passing visitors. What matters is to always have consistent behavior. Do not ever allow something that is usually prohibited. You have to be firm without going overboard! This is how the relationship of trust which is established over time between the dog and its owner will be preserved.

To establish his authority, the master must begin the education of his puppy from the age of 3 months. We will first choose simple orders using simple words.

Two methods are generally recommended:

- either we leave the initiative to the puppy: for example, as soon as he sits, we start the "sit" order and we congratulate him. Ditto for "lying" or "standing". The dog will gradually associate order with the action and contentment of the master;

- either the master imposes the position on the dog while ordering. To "sit", just put one hand under the puppys head while the other hand presses on the rump. Naturally, this pair of forces will force the dog to sit. For "lying", the movement is continued by pulling the two front legs forward. Repeated sessions of a few minutes a day generally give good results. Likewise, we reward the dog as soon as it runs.

The "not move" is more difficult to obtain. It requires greater attention. So you have to wait until the puppy is older to ask him. First, you order "sit" and place an object (for example, his collar) on the puppys head or nose. We order "do not move" and, as soon as the puppy lowers the nose and drops the object, we manifest his dissatisfaction. On the other hand, if it takes a few seconds, you must of course congratulate him. Gradually, a longer immobility will be required. In the end, we will ask the dog not to move when we move away and to return to the foot on order.

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