The dog is a sociable animal and, therefore, needs to meet other living beings, to explore a territory. Whether in an apartment or a lodge, he cannot be content with...

The dog is a sociable animal and, therefore, needs to meet other living beings, to explore a territory. Whether in an apartment or a lodge, he cannot be content with a hygienic outing five minutes after the film or even stay cloistered in a garden . A minimum walk of one hour per day will allow him to spend himself, and therefore spare the furniture of the house, and to integrate into a pseudo-pack in the company of the other dogs of the district. Of course, if you have chosen a sporty dog ​​such as a Husky, the daily exercise necessary for the good development of your companion will be much longer.

From a legal point of view, the dog walking in town must be kept on a leash or be within earshot and hand so that his master always keeps milk under control. Thus, if, unfortunately, a dog is hit by a car when he is not on a leash, it is his owner who is responsible for the damage caused. The same applies if he bites another dog or a person. These annoyances can be avoided by teaching your partner to walk on a leash, to come back to the foot without discussion and to socialize him very early. The free walks are reserved for green spaces, in the countryside.

Leash walking is learned from an early age . As a child, puppies tend to follow their owners. We must take advantage of all opportunities to ask him to come to the foot. Then well put the leash on. A little adaptation time is, of course, essential. The puppy will tend to "shoot the fox". Then, gradually, it is he who will go ahead. Be careful never to allow him to pull on his leash. This bad habit is unpleasant and can be dangerous in certain circumstances. To remedy this, simply stop and pull in the opposite direction. The puppy will find himself unbalanced and, after a few somersaults, will stop passing in front. Once this stage is mastered, we will continue on the leash-free walk.

The house is your companions territory. With an instinct more or less pronounced according to his race, he guards his house by barking to warn of his presence. Plowing can also express boredom when the dog is left alone throughout the day. But, sometimes, this mode of expression becomes a nightmare for the neighbors. A good education is the key to good relations with your neighborhood. Teaching your dog to bark and be quiet on command is simple. First, start the bark order and give it the reward when it runs. Finally, later, we will only give it to him when he is silent while ordering him to "stop" in a firm voice.

If the dog is in a garden, it must be ensured that he cannot escape from it . A good fence high enough and buried (a dog, it digs!) Is essential. Know that, if he runs away, you will be responsible for the damage he will cause. In fact, liability insurance must always be taken out regardless of the dog.

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    A second animal at home

    When a new dog arrives, the objective will be to make the animals cohabit under the best possible conditions.

    It should not be forgotten that the resident is already master of the premises and will have to be treated as such. The newcomer should not disrupt their habits but integrate into the family as discreetly as possible.

    It is important to maintain the dominance of the resident and, for this, to give him most of his attention: the first caresses, the first bowl will be for him ... Of course, close surveillance will prevent any untimely and aggressive fight . The right attitude is to help animals get to know and live together.

    This resident can be a dog: In this case, cohabitation takes little time and they will quickly become playmates.

    It can be a cat: if one of the two is still very young, there will be few problems (either they agree well, or each one stays in his corner). Otherwise, the expression "feeling like dog and cat" will take on its full meaning and, in this case, life risks being hectic. Better to part with one of the two. This second case, however, remains relatively rare because, more often than not, everyone finds their own territory and avoids that of the other.

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