A true professional groomer experiences or has already experienced what could be called " zoo-cosmetological " pleasure: a feeling very difficult to describe to...

A true professional groomer experiences or has already experienced what could be called " zoo-cosmetological " pleasure: a feeling very difficult to describe to neophytes having never experienced this, but which corresponds to what our senses feel in general, but more particularly our hands, and especially our fingers, in contact with skin and hair, treated with shampoos, creams and quality care, adapted about the groomed subject.

Generally, the sight is also in turmoil in these moments, and a general feeling of development is felt.

It’s a real pleasure to feel when bathing, and maybe even more when brushing and finally cutting. But again, very difficult to explain.

Just know that if you become attentive to such sensations, you will soon be able, with your eyes closed, at the sole contact of the coat, to recognize without mistake the creams and shampoos used! ... Attention, addiction obliges, it will However, it will be very frustrating to return to low-end cosmetics, without technicality or equivalent results.

In France, the groomer can only be conceived as a brush, scissors or clipper by hand. Well ... he is willing, because it is necessary, to bathe from time to time even if he will fairly easily entrust this task to the last intern arrived.

It has nothing to do with other countries, where groomers feel at first like hygienists: not only do they not shy away from washing and drying, but they like to do it because they know that Contrary to appearances, these gestures require know-how, experience, finesse (especially for the choice of products), and that you also need excellent equipment to be economically competitive. This bathing phase could be compared to the foundations of a house: no need to hope to do a good job, if you neglect the base ... and sometimes even you will spend so much time catching up / compensating for the faults in your bathing .... that you run out and stupidly nibble on the profitability of your living room.

What the owner of the animal "remembers"

During this period, we asked customers, when they left the dog, what they appreciated (or did not like) in the days or weeks following the last grooming. < / p>

Were therefore cited:

  • the absence or presence of parasites (45%)
  • the duration of the brushing aspect of grooming (44%)
  • the fact that the dog scratched (or did not scratch) (40%)
  • the quality of the “colors” of the coat (for dogs treated with
  • hair removal) (27%)
  • ease of maintenance between grooming (17%)
  • "wash dogs", anyone can do it, you tell me! Its not professional!

    And that is exactly what so many grooming salons believe, where the baths are entrusted to the least experienced apprentice, with results that are not likely to surprise the owners very much ...

    Because the truth is that bathing requires facilities and a real level of professionalism , with a good knowledge of coat metabolism and product action , so that it can be given in a efficient and economical way ! Not at all within reach of the poor apprentice who has just landed in the living room!

    As long as French groomers continue not to make hygiene their main religion, they will continue to miss the true potential of their profession. And they will continue to give all their chances to others, younger ones, who will have understood it ... they are already on the way !

    What is most likely to vary the time we spend on a toilet , all professionals will agree with me, this is the state < strong> entanglement of the fur that we are offered, or more precisely, the time that we will spend untangling it.

    Lets say straight away, untangling can become a groomers nightmare! Yes, its thankless, tedious, tiring, and can cost us a lot of time!

    To make the dog "suffer" is out of the question!

    "We can avoid it, at least for the most part, but for that we need to use products that are very effective (thats true), but that are expensive, even very expensive (its still more true).

    - Okay, go for the products, but how much will it cost me? "

    The dialogue is engaged, the operation " disentangling " has become " salable ".

    If it doesnt, we can always suggest shearing , remembering that its always a bad solution: fool from a cynotechnical point of view (a dog is made to wear its fur , and not to be "shorn"), counterproductive from a commercial point of view (shearing, it is a dog that we will not see again for a long time).

    Lets stop selling our " detangling time ", lets learn how to sell a global operation , including the use of products and the technique, our specificity, of use of these products!

    It must indeed be understood: the real zoocosmetologist really experiences, physically, what I used to call "zoocosmetological pleasure" in working the furs; but this requires developing a particular sensitivity, an ability to feel and observe certain effects on the coats, a sensitivity which is far from being uniformly shared, and which a large number of people are actually lacking. The "zoocosmetological feeling" is cultivated and developed, but in my opinion, it starts by being innate, and it would be a waste of effort to want to initiate which does not show a certain prior aptitude .

    the cutting market, and even more so the mowing market, these are quite often crowded markets ! The most skilful marketing will not change the fact that your prices will be more or less limited by an often very real competition and likely to seriously reduce your room for maneuver!

    In contrast, the field of zoocosmetology is much more open ! Superbly ignored by the greatest number! Why ? For me, its a mystery! A mystery no doubt, but a very certain fact.

    However, this is a very paradoxical situation! Think about it! What is the percentage of dogs requiring fur shortening work (in any form)? 10%, 15%, maybe 20%? This last estimate is certainly the most exaggerated. And therein lies the paradox: a majority of professionals compete in the smallest segment of the clientele, while the th main segment, at least 80% of the market, is practically neglected by all

    "the intelligence of grooming" should lead, almost inexorably, to "intelligent grooming" , which by its very genesis will have three consequences, which far from being opposed, will be supported between them:

    • the best physiological comfort for animals ,
    • the greatest satisfaction of their owners ,
    • the highest level of professional development , seated, lets say it clearly, on its two foundations: the satisfaction of the work accomplished , and the quality of his compensation .

    Yesterday, it was better to avoid washing your dog. Today, all veterinary science agrees that the first prevention in the dermatological field is a regular bath , provided that it is well done, and with suitable products!

    We must first carry out a revolution on ourselves and penetrate the nobility of the animal hygiene service and the real technicality that this service means! At the same time, we must put ourselves in a position to offer, with high-quality service, truly competitive prices to our customers. And in most cases, to reach these objectives, we will have to review our working methods and our equipment!

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