We sell everything so that you have the best at home: grooming table, dog scissors, professional clipper, etc. Grooming is an art we cultivate! Do you know?...

We sell everything so that you have the best at home: grooming table, dog scissors, professional clipper, etc.

Grooming is an art we cultivate!

Do you know? Grooming equipment has become a real headache for professionals ! The quality material makes the difference both in terms of result as fatigue and work pleasure!

Combs or clippers that cant resist anything, scissors that get out of whack when you first move: all that, you will find full catalogs, but not here

With the exception of the Special One scissors, handcrafted in Italy, there are hardly any manufacturers in Europe.

Bad worker never has a good tool. And it is true that with the best gestures in the world, without a correct and suitable tool, you will achieve nothing!

This is why we have chosen to bring together equipment, of which we guarantee you professional quality .

We know their manufacturers, we test their products, and we make sure they maintain them or improve their quality and performance.

Now you just have to make your choice !

We have compiled here a whole collection of tools and accessories that will allow everyone to easily groom. Discount point, the cheap does not rhyme with good grooming. On the other hand, we assure you an optimal level of performance in all the fields of activity offered:

• professional dog clipper : Used by groomers as a last resort, when the situation is unstoppable ... Very often it is with great regret that they use the clippers for animals, ultimately used primarily to free the animals from their tangles ... (we however, advise to try the use of our Special One high performance cosmetics!).

• dog grooming scissors : whether straight or curved, tapering or notching, you must have the choice of material. Very often, the professionals have dozens of pairs of dog scissors available in order to alleviate all everyday situations. You can imagine that the bowls of an American cocker spaniel are not cut with the same material as the silky dress of a Yorkie or even the beard of a schnauzer!

• dog trimmer : also called a dogs depilatory knife, this barbarian-shaped grooming utensil is specifically designed for the most neat and quick work possible. You probably know that the hair of many breeds of dogs does not fall by itself ... Yes, the telogen phase does not allow the expulsion of dead hair. It therefore requires mechanical action to return the dog to a normal look, that is to say having only healthy, living hair. This practice of trimmer hair removal for cats also exists. Epilating stone is another way of working, while other groomers will prefer manual or plastic finger removal.

• dog bathtub : what would animal grooming be without a bathtub? All professionals will give special care at the bathing stage. Indispensable for the evacuation of dirt and impurities, the shampoo and the applied masks must allow a gentle washing, without ever endangering the sebum of the skin, so precious ... For this step to be perfectly controlled, choose a good bathtub Grooming is a crucial step: take into account its height (very often adjustable by hydraulic or electric actuator), its depth, the size of its edges. In the same logic, take into account the material in which the dog bath that you buy was created: plastic or metal, with each material its specificities. Look at all of our product sheets to find out more.

• accessories and grooming equipment various: complex and constantly evolving field, grooming requires more and more sophisticated tools allowing a complete control of the morphology of the animal. hair is a living substance that tames and rises ... but for that, you must have at home everything that meets your needs. Train, train, and we will accompany you to excel;.

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  • Special One...

    Special One is, in our opinion, the best brand of shampoos, masks and animal care in the world, with the best value for money.

    Special One takes care of everything to give value to your grooming dog cat

    Here are the main concepts that characterize the brand in a few words:

    You have the means to respond, efficiently and economically, to all everyday situations, from the simplest to the most technical ... Cosmetics dog shampoo that will give you wings on a daily basis.

    Reveal your talent with the highest performance cosmetics. Valorize the differences by having the possibility of making tailor-made.

    Each confided animal deserves the utmost care: choice of the most natural ingredients, moisturizing,
    respectful and 95% biodegradable. Each groomer must have confidence in his cosmetics: handling them every day, he must preserve his skin!

    Become real grooming professionals, in the noblest sense of the term.
    Unique performance in all areas: Washing • Detangling • Care • Hair growth •
    Hygiene • Drying • Brushing • Coat recovery • Long-lasting • Volume • Sheathing • Lead-free • Texture • Dog hair removal ...

    This work is the result of a fierce and passionate collaboration between committed players: groomers, researchers, laboratories ... all give their best to have the best world cosmetics!

  • Grooming Salon...

    We support all those who embark on the most complete installation possible of their grooming salons

    The range of bowls and toilets is therefore extremely wide. This is why becoming a groomer requires significant knowledge of canine breeds, especially with regard to their morphology but also their general character, in order to adapt grooming to breed criteria. This can be learned in school, but it is often not enough and professionals agree that most of the learning is done in the field, by experience. Indeed, the role of the groomer is also to erase the dogs faults. For example, in a dog that is too tall, the hairs on the legs will be cut longer to give the impression of a short dog on legs; Similarly, when the limbs are arched, one cuts more on one side than the other to correct the general shape of the leg.

    The qualities required for a good groomer are a mastery of techniques, a knowledge of breed criteria, but also of patience, tact, skill without forgetting psychology.



  • Brush & Comb

    It was under the Second Empire that the first groomers or more precisely the first "shearers" appeared. The fashion of the Poodle in the bourgeoisie at that time has a lot to do with it. This is where the "lion" mowing, still known today, dates. Then, the shearers settled in the street on wooden boxes to carry out a more than superficial grooming which corresponded mainly to a general maintenance of the dog.

    Now, it is professionals with specialized equipment who take care of grooming. Indeed, the latter is no longer considered a luxury, but becomes essential for certain breeds.

    The first thing you see about a dog is its coat. The animals health is reflected on its coat. It is therefore important to take care of it. However, we must not confuse the toilet, falling under cleanliness and therefore provided daily by the owner, and grooming which refers to aesthetics. The latter makes it possible to highlight the morphology and the character of a breed, but also to erase the flaws so as to give a perfect silhouette. For professionals, good grooming is grooming that cannot be seen, that respects the animal.

    In fact, companion dogs rarely need to be groomed (except some breeds like Poodles for example) if not for the personal pleasure of the owner. On the other hand, it turns out to be necessary for competition dogs, examined by the informed eye and trained by a professional. In this circumstance, the animal represents its race and must be perfect.

    It is obvious that, to be groomed, the dog must be in good health: no contagious diseases, no dermatoses and up-to-date vaccines (especially the one against rabies, in case of bites).

  • Scissors
  • Mowers
  • Cutting Heads &...
  • nails
  • Drying equipment

    The grooming equipment consists of a high table with attachments to the collar to avoid any untimely movement of the dog, especially when using the scissors; a mower with several combs, essential for Poodles; a detangler for long or curly hairs; several pairs of scissors , straight, curved, serrated; a hand comb to fluff the hair; finally with a thinning knife .

    The technique

    Having the material is not enough, you still have to know how to use it. The technique has evolved enormously over the centuries.

    Today, grooming takes place in three stages:

    - the shampoo , soft and suitable for dog hair, to remove dust and skin debris that can tarnish the coat;

    - cutting in two stages :

    1. mowing, often reserved for Poodles, requires a certain precision so as not to leave traces of the comb and allow uniform regrowth over the entire mowed area;

    2. stripping: it is about hair removal by hand or with a knife comb. This step is especially useful for hard-haired dogs, in order to remove larger hairs and to standardize the coat;

    - trimming, or modeling of the dress , with a thinning knife or a comb.

    To all this add the toilet care that the owner regularly provides: cleaning the eyes, removing ears (to avoid spikelets in summer and making it easier to clean the ears), descaling the teeth if necessary , cut the nails and check the integrity of the pads.

    This is the general approach to grooming. Obviously, each dog grows differently. Here are some examples:

    - for short hairs (such as Dalmatians or Labradors), disentangling is unnecessary; if necessary, in the moulting period, a simple hard brush is sufficient. To give a shiny appearance to the hairs, typical of these breeds, you can use a leather glove and then a chamois to polish the hair;

    - for a long or medium-long coat (German Shepherd, Spitz, Spaniel), avoid removing live hair or breaking it with too hard material. So the use of a weeder is much more appropriate;

    - for long, straight or curly hairs (Afghan, Chow-Chow, Bichon) untangling is necessary to remove dead hairs. The fine-tuning consists, at the Chow-Chow, of giving volume to the dress by puffing it up against the grain or, at the Fox, of equalizing the beard to obtain a square head;

    - finally, the case of the Poodle is by far the most complicated. Several shears are allowed, in particular the shearing "lion" (helmet, sleeve and pompom), the shearing with langlaise (hairs combed behind and retained by a ribbon, shorn muzzle), the shearing "zazou" (feet and shorn body, helmet sheep, muzzle and ears clipped).

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